Latency comparison on screens (for HMD-FPV use)

I noticed slightly increased latency when flying with my HMD’s, compared to my old cinemizers (plus, not OLED). Not critical, flyable – but noticeable on corners and flying over obstacles at high speed.

Had few screens around, measured latency (just to remind – @25FPS one frame takes 40ms; at 50km/h you fly ~1.4m over 100ms), only few screens provided, i did > 100 photos and averaged:

    1. LTD056EV7F (5.6″) + A.VST29.01B (TSUMV29LU) – my curent HMD. Average latency is ~88ms :
    2. N070ICG-LD1 (7″) + VS-TY2662 (RTD 2660). Very low latency (~25ms average), but it has serious issue with overscan – picture is cropped at right/bottom. Also has no blue screen (completely – displays snow on complete signal loss). Maybe cropping issue can be solved by installing alternative FW (, not tested:
      7_1 7_2 7_3 7_4
    3. HJ080IA-01E (8″ with 4:3 aspect ratio!) + A.VST29.01B (TSUMV39LU). Very nice display with proper aspect ratio, great brightness. Average latency near 100ms (~96ms) …
      Also tested with enabled noise reduction in menu (see pictures with paper), no noticeable difference in latency
      8_1 8_2 8_3 8_nr 8_nr2 8_nr3
    4. N133HSE-EA1 (13.1″ FHD) + A.VST29.01B (TSUMV39LU).  Average latency ~90ms, still a lot…
      13_1 13_2

TL;DR version: those A.VST29.01B controllers have high latency on analog input (compared to RTD 2660 for example). If that cropping issue could be solved on RTF2660 controller – they would be my fav. (displays snow instead of black screen on complete signal loss, much lower latency). I will order separate controller and test (have few more screens, so more than enough hardware for testing).

Anyone got Fatshark HD v2 measurements?

UPDATE 20160210: tested RTD 2660 board with firmware (latest as of 2016.02.06). No blue screen and seems to be lower latency, compared to A.VST29 (~40ms average, but there’s variation – see screenshots below). So far only drawback – somewhat “smooth” image, i will try to play with parameters and check if i can improve sharpness. Anyway, flyable and usable in it’s current state already, won’t return back to A.VST29 ;-)

(missing seconds in screenshots – from lens joiner, photos are straight from my HMD)

_DSC6212_DxO _DSC6241_DxO _DSC6243_DxO _DSC6244_DxO _DSC6252_DxO _DSC6253_DxO

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