CPATCH12 – dimensions and details

Got one CPATCH12… Looks OK, but pricey – i want to do large phased array, so i measured dimensions and will try to make it on other materials (original material – black FR4, probably requires some modifications if dielectric material changes).

Anyway, pics (with active part visible – i put microcontrast at max), dimensions (active part) and 3D drawing below.

CPATCH12 – active element from bottom-left

CPATCH12 – active element from top-right

CPATCH12 – active element from front

CPATCH12 – active element from side, connector

Measured VSWR on this antenna (thanks, Laidukas):


Bad part – included connector is shorted inside – shield is soldered with center element:

CPATCH12 – included jumper – shorted

Active part – pdf drawing – or download zip with 3D drawing (SolidWorks 2012)

EDIT: did homemade clone (copper clad PCB, knife, pliers) and tested in forest, does not look bad:

CPATCH12 clone – before cut

CPATCH12 clone – marked and in process

CPATCH12 clone – done (took maybe 10 mins)

CPATCH12 clone – measuring and comparing

Measuring VSWR on both antennas

Video of original and clone in action:

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